Sunday, September 11, 2011

Soaking Saturday

Since Mother nature has decided that late summer in Michigan should
consist of plenty of steady rain I'm once again stuck inside.  Having
a small treasure trove of yarn straight off my spindles I decided to
soak the yarn in order to set the twist.  Since life wouldn't be
complete without some comedy on a Saturday night I submit the
1.  When soaking pretty white wool in a bathroom sink with grapefruit
wool wash always remember to check that the drain plug on the sink is
all the way in the drain.  Pretty white wool will inevitably end up
winding itself around the drain plug and end up halfway in the drain!
Want to ask me how I know?
2.  When soaking the same pretty white wool keep the water tepid not
hot!  Unless you want to wet felt your newly spun yarn!  Nearly did
this to myself but realized when my yarn began to stick to itself!
3.  When  newly spun silk that you labored over for weeks, gave
yourself a blister when you were pre-drafting and now slightly hate
for its bumpiness  can be  properly  soaked it turns in to yarn I
actually might knit with!  Who would have thought!
4.  When soaking silk or wool, or alpaca, or any other yarn I will
remember to tie off the ends of my skein before they come off the
knitty-knotty.  Trying to rewind a skein when soaking wet is nothing
less than bad yarn karma waiting to happen!
5. I will remember that I do not have to be perfect at spinning.